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Description of AGEPI's Authority File

The authority file contains information on the different kinds of publications of patents for inventions, utility models, short-term patents for inventions and EPO's patents for inventions (via validation procedure) published by the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova between 31.01.1994 and 31.12.2023, based on WIPO ST.37.

Expected update frequency - annually.

The description of the kind codes is available in Part 7.3 of the WIPO Handbook or in the authority file itself.

Former and current practices in the numbering of patent applications in the Republic of Moldova are best described in WIPO's "Survey Of Numbering Systems Used, Or Intended To Be Used, By Industrial Property Offices for Published Documents And Registered Rights".

Application information along with priority data and availability of abstracts, descriptions and claims in text-searchable format is provided, where available.

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